Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The mission of the HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley is to provide the highest quality health care services to all people in our communities.

Our Vision

The vision of  HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley is to be the destination of choice for regional health care services, centering on patient care and community health, while integrating HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley’s guiding principles of Quality, People, Stewardship and Growth.

Core Values

HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley has core values which form the foundation of its culture while serving as a guide for all operational and strategic decisions that are made. Our core values are:

  • Respect for the individual
  • Integrity in all we do
  • Compassionate culture of caring
  • Excellence in services delivered

Core Strategies

 HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley’s core strategies are driven by the desire to transform care delivery emphasizing customer service and transparency, quality and continuous improvement, smart growth, and efficient use of resources which leads to the well-being for our communities and sustained financial viability.