Our Board

The members of the Boards of Directors for HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley, Mary’s Ave Campus, Broadway Campus, Margaretville Hospital, Woodland Pond and Mountainside Residential Care Center come from diverse and highly recognized backgrounds. Each of these members brings a unique set of skills to the affiliates of HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley. Our boards have the responsibility for approving, leading and managing the strategies of our corporation that are beyond our day-to-day operations.

The Boards works closely with each of our facilities’ administrations, medical staff and departments to provide oversight of our resources and services to ensure our community receives access to the best health care services and that we are fulfilling our mission the community.

Thomas Collins, Chair
Kevin Ryan, Vice Chair
Cynthia Lowe, CPA,  Treasurer
Nancy S. Davenport, Esq., Secretary
Howard Berliner, Sc.D.
Kevin R. Bryant, Esq.
Pamela Carroad
Carol Crews
Eugene Heslin, M.D.
Thomas Jacobi
Ellis Lader, M.D.
Richard B. Mathews
Stephanie Murphy, CPA
Craig Sickler, CPA

Ex-Officio Board Member:
David Scarpino, President & CEO
Martin Cascio, M.D., President, Medical Staff
Mark Josefski, M.D., Vice President, Medical Staff