The Benedictine Health Foundation, the HealthAlliance Foundation (formerly Kingston Hospital Foundation), the Margaretville Health Foundation, and the foundations of Mountainside Residential Care Center and Woodland Pond at New Paltz support the many health care services that are offered throughout the HealthAlliance system. The Foundations build lifelong relationships with members of the community, raise funds and dedicate their resources to support the needs of each facility and the community we serve.

Contributions to our Foundations are used to improve medical programs and services, update technology, and support future development and improvements to our hospitals and senior facilities.

Your donation will strengthen our investment in quality health care for the future of our community. To learn more about each of our Foundations, click on the links below.

Benedictine Health Foundation

HealthAlliance Foundation (formerly Kingston Hospital Foundation)

Margaretville Health Foundation

Mountainside Foundation

Woodland Pond Foundation