Adult Exercise Classes

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What is it?

A stretch band exercise program that occurs at the Kingston Midtown Center on Mondays and Fridays from 9:30-10:30 a.m. This 30-minute workout includes simple warm-up exercises that emphasis posture alignment, proper breathing and range of motion, which help to maintain flexibility. The stretch band program uses lightweight latex resistance bands in exercises to strengthen all the major muscles in the upper and lower body.

Visit a local Ulster County library to borrow a DVD and exercise booklet.


Anybody in Ulster County age 60 and older. The classes are free.

To join, show up to the Kingston Midtown Center during class time or call 845.481.7332 for more information.

To increase flexibility, balance, strength and improve posture while you make new friends and have a good time.

“Since I have started this exercise routine with a group I feel so much better. I’m working at Range of Motion, strengthening and working all my abdominal muscles. It keeps my hypertension in control and my diabetes.”

“I enjoy the exercises. It makes me feel alive.”

“The exercise class has helped me understand the different ways to improve my body and also my mind.”

“These exercises have helped me so much. My legs are much stronger and my upper arms are stronger.”

“Since taking the stretch band class, I find it easier to turn my head to see when I’m backing up my car. The class helps us to keep in shape.”

“The stretch band class is wonderful. It is fun, easy and beneficial. It has been the most consistent and successful program we have had at the community center. It has continued to grow in numbers and we welcome it as of the activities here for all ages to enjoy.”

“My mother in law and I have really enjoyed this program and hope it can be renewed. My mother in law is 95 and the program has a major positive effect on her psychological outlook. She and I look forward to the session and we’re sure to not schedule anything that might interfere.”

“Since my hip replacement this program has been most beneficial.”

“I feel much better after doing these exercises.”