Community Health Survey

HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley has joined with other area hospitals and the Ulster County Department of Health to develop a survey that will help create a Community Service Plan designed to prevent the development of chronic disease in Ulster County. Please fill out this short survey to share your input in regard to community needs.

Community Health

HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley touches the community by bringing health and wellness closer to you. In an effort to be transparent, HealthAlliance has developed the Community Health Page to share information on how HealthAlliance is providing care and the ways in which the organization impacts the community. The Community Health Page provides details on the hospitals’ quality performance, a guide to reading a hospital bill, links to New York State hospital billing data, information on community partnerships as well as HealthAlliance’s economic impact and community service plans.

For more information, please view the video below from HealthAlliance President and CEO David Scarpino.

Please help us to improve our transparency and keep our information useful – provide us with your feedback.

Here you will find information on the ways that HealthAlliance touches the community as well as educational materials on HealthAlliance’s performance.