Manage all of the information from your hospital visit in one secure location

HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley is here to help you. We know how important it is to understand every aspect of your hospital experience. As part of the HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley’s commitment to providing quality, patient focused and compassionate care, we’ve assembled the following materials providing transparent information about, and access to, your medical records, billing and more.

Patient Advocates

For hospital assistance with any problem, question or concern that you are unable to resolve directly with your doctor, nurse or caregiver

Medical Records

For information about how to access to your medical records from any HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley hospital

Pay My Bill

For access to secure online statement and payment access that will allow you to view a bill, pay a bill or make updates to your payment information.

Medication Reconciliation

For medical reconciliation forms and access to vital information that will ensure your receive the highest quality care