mom and baby Breastfeeding is the foundation for good health for your baby. It’s the only food that continues to meet their needs as they grow, and protects them from infection. We help mothers put their babies to the breast immediately after birth whenever possible. We encourage mothers to keep their babies skin-to-skin, and to nurse their babies frequently, allowing uninterrupted time for nursing and bonding. We want to do everything we can to help you have a successful breastfeeding experience, and our certified lactation consultants are available to guide you before, during and after your stay. Learn more about breastfeeding programs and classes in our area.SaveSaveSaveSave
  • Learn all you can about breastfeeding. Talk to women who have successfully met their breastfeeding goals.
  • Take childbirth preparation classes. Good breastfeeding starts with a good birth.
  • Create a birth plan that includes uninterrupted time with baby in the first hour after birth.
  • Know the benefits of colostrum, the first milk, so you will be eager to give this gift to your baby.
  • Communicate your desire to breastfeed to all the medical staff.
  • Ask for assistance to initiate breastfeeding within one hour of birth. Cesarean moms should initiate  breastfeeding as soon as they settle back in their rooms.
  • Ask for assistance with stimulating and managing your milk supply if you should have to be separated from your baby.
  • Put your baby to the breast whenever he/she seems hungry (every 15 min. – 2 1/2 hours). Babies need lots of practice latching on in the first days after birth and very frequent breastfeeding builds your milk supply faster.
  • Human milk satisfies all your baby’s needs; give only breast milk unless medically indicated.
  • Get to know your baby. Keep baby with you in your room. Mothers and newborns need to be close and have  alone time. If your baby has to go to the nursery, have the nurse bring your baby back for feedings.
  • Discourage pacifier use until baby is breastfeeding well. If baby is fussy, breastfeed a bit more until baby settles. Switching sides, again and again, can satisfy baby’s need to suck, and build your milk supply in the process.
  • Before discharge, ask about our parent support meetings, and other breastfeeding support services in your community.

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