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mom and babySecurity – We are a locked unit, where visitors enter and exit via an intercom system. In addition to continuous camera surveillance, our unit is protected by the “Baby Safe” security system. All babies have a transmitter bracelet that allows the system to track their travel on the unit and prevent them from leaving the unit unauthorized. Please do not adjust your baby’s transmitter yourself but alert a staff member if the transmitter has fallen off or needs to be adjusted. Your baby will have a numbered umbilical cord clamp that matches a number on the mother’s bracelet. Most important of all, to keep your baby safe:
  • Never leave your baby unattended.
  • Ask for ID from staff members. All employees of The Family Birth Center should have picture ID badges.
  • Look carefully to make sure the ID badge is valid. Refuse to hand over your baby to anyone who is not authorized personnel of The Family Center.
  • Always make sure you and a staff member check you and your baby’s ID bands when your baby is brought to you.
  • Keep the door to your room closed. Place your baby’s bassinet on the side of your bed farthest from the door.
  • Always keep your baby in the bassinet when walking in the halls.
  • We do not recommend placing birth announcements in the local paper or signs in your yard.

Child Passenger Safety Seats are required by New York State law. We strongly encourage you to purchase a car seat for your new baby as soon as possible and get to know how it works. Read the instruction manual that comes with it, as well as the instruction manual that comes with your car. There is a section on installing car seats in every car owner’s manual. Take the seat out of the box and practice installing it in your car so you will know how it works when it’s time to bring home your baby. In New York State, infants must be in rear-facing car seats until they are 2 years old or until they have reached the weight and height limits of their car seat. The best car seat for your baby is the one that you can install easily and correctly every time you put your baby in the car. Make sure the car seat is appropriate for your baby’s size and age, including the position of the harness straps. If you have a used car seat, make sure that you know its history, that it has never been in a crash, that it has all of its original working parts and that it is no more than 5 years old.


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