ct scanner with patient The HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley provides information regarding ultrasound imaging to inform patients of what to expect during an ultrasound procedure.

What is ultrasound imaging?

Ultrasound imaging, also known as sonography or ultrasound scanning, occurs when parts of the body are exposed to a high-frequency sound wave and a picture is made of the body’s internal structures. Ultrasound images capture a picture of the inside of the body in real-time, so as to see the structure and movement of the body’s internal organs, such as blood flowing through blood vessels.

What You Need to Know for Your Ultrasound

  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Patients will be asked to remove all clothing and jewelry from the area to be examined.
  • For a study of the abdomen (liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, aorta and pancreas) patients will be asked to eat a fat-free meal the evening before the procedure and avoid eating for six hours prior to the exam.
  • For an ultrasound of the pelvis or bladder, patients will be asked to finish drinking four glasses of liquid about an hour before the procedure to fill up your bladder.

What Happens During the Procedure

  • A gel-like substance is applied to the area of the body that will be scanned. For example, if a physician ordered an ultrasound of the abdomen, then the technologist will only apply the gel to the patient’s abdomen.
  • Next, the technologist will press a hand-held instrument, which is called a transducer, against the skin where the gel was applied. The technologist will move the instrument back and forth over the area so the transducer can pick up frequency sound waves. The sound waves are sent to a computer where an ultrasound image is instantly visible on the monitor.


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