Financial Assistance

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HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley is here to help YOU. We understand the difficulties surrounding healthcare costs, that’s why we offer financial assistance to our patients.

For more information, please contact the Patient Accounting Department at 845.334.2743.


HealthAlliance offers Financial Assistance to patients residing in New York State, for medically necessary treatment and diagnostic services, who cannot afford to pay for care. Individuals making less than 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Level may be eligible for free or reduced cost services.

Patients interested in applying must fill out an application and supply key pieces of information, which will help HealthAlliance to see if the patient will qualify for Financial Assistance. The information requested will be used to determine income, family size, and residency in New York State. HealthAlliance does not use assets to determine eligibility under this program. 

The HealthAlliance financial assistance policy and application is readily available and free to the public. The application and policy can be obtained in the hospital registration department, by calling our customer service department at 845.334.2743, or on the HealthAlliance website.

Financial Assistance Application

Financial Assistance Program Plain Language Summary (English Version / Spanish Version)

HealthAlliance’s Financial Assistance Application, Policy and this Summary are available in English and Spanish.  

For HealthAlliance Hospitals: Mary’s Avenue Campus, Broadway Campus and Margaretville Hospital use the maximum amount a patient, qualifying for Financial Assistance, will pay will be the rate paid by Medicare to the hospital for similar emergency or medically necessary services plus the New York State Surcharge if applicable.


HealthAlliance’s Financial Assistance Application, Policy and this Summary are available in English and Spanish.

The HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley hospitals offer an extensive counseling program for those unable to meet their financial obligations. We will assist patients with applications for Medicaid, Child Health Plus and Charity Care. For those not eligible for coverage, we can establish payment plans that will allow you to pay your bill over a period of time. The Patient Accounting Department will be happy to schedule a personal and confidential counseling session.


Financial Assistance

It is the Policy of HealthAlliance Hospital to provide Financial Assistance in compliance with New York State.

Understanding Your Financial Responsibilities

Patients at HealthAlliance Hospital should understand how their bill is processed and be familiar with their insurance coverage. For HAHV please contact our Patient Accounts Department at 845.334.2743 between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. to assist you with any questions. Your Health Insurance Coverage Hospital insurance plans vary widely and we recommend that you carefully read the terms of your policy. Some contracts limit the number of days and/or amount of coverage under the terms of the plan. Please bring all your medical insurance cards and any special forms required to your pre-admission testing or on the day you are admitted. Items not covered by insurance, such as deductibles and private rooms, are payable in full at the time of discharge.

Notifying Your Insurance Carrier

You are responsible for contacting your insurance carrier prior to elective admission (if required) and 24 - 48 hours after Emergency Room admittance or transfer from another hospital. Refer to your contract to ensure you adhere to the terms of your specific plan. If there are any questions about your insurance, a Patient Accounts Representative will contact you either for more information or to explain your responsibilities. It is important that you understand that the final responsibility for payment is with you, the patient.

About Your Bill

Your bill from HAHV does not include your doctor's fee nor the fees of other physician specialists, such as anesthesiologists, radiologists, pathologists or other consulting physicians to whom you may be referred by your doctor. You will receive a separate bill for services from each of them.

Financial Assistance

Does HAHV offer a Financial Assistance Program?

Yes. HAHV remains devoted to continued excellence in patient care and serving the community. As a partner in the community we offer a Financial Assistance Program which allows us to provide care to patients without charge or at amounts less than our established rates.

Who qualifies for a discount and what are the income limits?

Financial assistance is available for patients with limited income and no health insurance. Although HealthAlliance Hospital’s primary service area is defined as the five counties of Ulster, Greene, Columbia, Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan and Delaware, everyone in New York State who receives medically necessary services may be eligible for a discount if they meet certain income limits. The amount of the discount varies based on your income and the size of your family. Do not be afraid to apply – you may qualify even if you work or own a home or car. Eligibility is based on the federal poverty guidelines (English) / (Spanish).

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What services are covered?

All medically necessary services may be covered under the financial assistance program. This may include outpatient services, inpatient care, and emergency services. Please note that charges from private doctors who provide certain services in the hospital are billed by the respective physicians and may not be covered under this program.

How do I get information about the Financial Assistance Program?

To inquire about our Financial Assistance Program, please contact us at 845.334.2743 or ask any of our registration staff members for an informational packet.

What do I need to do to apply for the program?

Free, confidential help is available for the program. We will help you complete an easy application and will let you know of a few documents that may be needed (photo identification, pay stubs, etc.). If you, your family members, or friends do not speak English, someone will assist you in your own language.

The Financial Counselor can also tell you if you qualify for free or low-cost health insurance such as Medicaid or Child Health Plus.

A copy of our application is available by clicking the following links:


If you are also planning to apply for Medicaid, please see New York State’s document requirements below:


For more information, please see any registration specialist or call 845.334.2743. We are here to help.

What if I have a problem that I cannot resolve with the hospital?

You can call the New York State Department of Health at 1.800.804.5447.