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HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley and its subsidiaries and affiliated entities (collectively referred to as the “Organization”), have instituted a Compliance Program to ensure that all of our business practices are in compliance with the applicable Organization policies and procedures and applicable civil and criminal laws, rules, and regulations.

A key element of the Organization’s Compliance Program is the ability of employees to express problems, concerns, or opinions without fear of retaliation or reprisal. At the same time, employees have an affirmative duty to report issues or concerns that come to their attention through the appropriate channels. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

In addition to reporting potential compliance issues, employees can participate in the Compliance Program by assisting in the investigation of compliance issues, performance of self-evaluations and audits, implementation of remedial actions and/or by reporting to appropriate officials as provided in Labor Law §§ 740 and 741.

The Organization will not take disciplinary or retaliatory action against an employee who in good faith raises a compliance concern or otherwise participates in the Compliance Program. Retaliation in any form by any individual associated with the Organization is strictly prohibited and is itself a serious violation of the Code of Conduct.

Our Compliance Program’s Code of Conduct sets general standards for all personnel associated with the Organization to act in a lawful manner and to avoid dishonest behavior and even the appearance of impropriety.

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