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Trauma Surgery

man in motionMusculoskeletal injuries or orthopaedic injuries can happen unexpectedly at any time. This may be the result of any unforeseen accident such as a fall, motor vehicle accident or a sports-related injury. Some people may have a common condition known as osteoporosis which is a thinning of the bone and this puts them at an increased risk for fracturing bones (commonly referred to as “breaking” a bone).

Whatever the cause of your orthopaedic injury, you will receive the best of emergency care. Our advanced Emergency Department, which is staffed by specially trained emergency medical professionals from HealthAlliance Hospital, is well-equipped to manage your orthopaedic emergencies. You will be seen by an Orthopaedic specialist, who will assess your injuries and together with you and your family, develop an individualized plan of care that is right for you. Should you require surgery, you will be transferred to our dedicated surgical floor where the nurses and staff are trained to care for you and your specialized needs. As you progress through your recovery, we will ensure that all of your rehabilitation needs are met. A dedicated case manager will meet with you on a daily basis to help plan for when you are discharged. Whether you are going home or to a rehabilitation facility, we will make certain that all arrangements are complete. Your successful recovery is our highest priority.


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